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The Company: Sok Works Israel Ltd., P.C. 516071081, operator and manager of shared workspaces.
The property: floors 9-10-11 in the Nitsba Tower.
The building: The Nitsba Tower on 39 HaMasger Street in Tel Aviv.
The Lessee/client: Rents a room(s) within the property (on an availability basis), according to the details set out in the Agreement signed between the parties in accordance with the terms set forth in these Terms of Agreement.
The Agreement: The agreement signed between the parties and is based on these Terms of Agreement.
Nitsba Tower Regulations: The Nitsba Tower Regulations which are attached as an annex to these Terms of agreement document and constitute an integral part thereof.

Conditional on the payment of monthly membership fee, the Client shall be entitled to use the Company's open space / desk (on an availability basis) within the limits set forth in the Agreement and/or in these Terms of Agreement as well as the company’s services set forth in these Terms of Agreement.
The Client shall use the leased premises solely for the purpose of managing an office and will not make any other use of it.
The Client shall maintain order and cleanliness, keep the space and property, and the furniture and equipment in them in good condition, and at the end of the rental period will return them to the Company in the same condition as received. In the event of a breakage or malfunction resulting from unreasonable or negligent, or malicious use of the equipment and/or furniture and/or interior decoration of the property by the Client and/or anyone on his behalf, or his visitors, the Client shall indemnify and compensate the Company for the damages and expenses incurred as a result of it.
At the beginning of the Client's membership, the client will receive an entrance card from the Company. The Client knows that the cost of one card is NIS 50 plus VAT as per law. In view of this, at the end of the membership and on the date of departure, the Client shall return all the cards at his disposal, otherwise the Company will be entitled to charge him their total cost.
The membership, as defined in these Terms of Agreement, is a personal membership of the Client and is not transferable in any way.
The rental period and its terminate - The Client will be entitled to use the Company’s space, as defined in these Terms of Agreement, as long as he pays monthly membership fee. A Client who wishes to terminate his membership shall notify the Company in writing until the 20th prior of that same calendar month of membership, and in that case the Client will be entitled to end his membership at the end of that calendar month (and in any case – not prior to that date). For the avoidance of doubt, if the Client notified the Company of his wish to end the membership later than the 20th of the month, the membership will expire only at the end of the following month, to the month in which the said notice was given. The Company shall have the right to terminate the membership of a Member by a notice written 14 days in advance.
Membership Fee - The membership fee amount is for a calendar month and the Client shall be charged the full membership fee, even if he started his membership during the month, and not at the beginning of it. The Client shall pay membership fee in the amount agreed upon and specified in the Agreement sign between the parties, and will make the payments accurately and on time. The Company may change the amount of the membership fee and/or all transaction terms in general by delivering a notice 30 days in advance.
To facilitate the collection of the membership fee, the Client will provide the Company with his credit card details, through which the Company will charge the membership fee and the payments for additional services, if any. The collection will take place at the beginning of the month of membership for the coming month.
Any late payment of the membership fee will result in an immediate cessation of the Client’s membership in the Company’s space.
The Company’s services
During the membership period, in exchange for paying rent on time and meeting his obligations as set forth in these Terms of Agreement, the Client shall be entitled to the following services, which the Company shall provide to the Client, directly or through any third party, at its discretionof the Company, and subject to changes:
The right to use the building facilities such as: stairs, elevators, toilets and security room (in case of emergency) located on of the floors of the property.
The right of entry to the property on days: Sunday through Thursday, only from 8:00 AM to 17:30 PM.
The right to use furniture and equipment on the property, including fully equipped kitchen, hot drinks and water.
The right to use the property's address as his business address and receive mail and/or parcels there. When terminating his membership, the Client undertakes to change his mailing address, since upon departure, the Company does not undertake to receive on Client’s behalf and for him any mail items and/or parcels.
Connecting and using Wi-Fi within the property.
Additional services:
In addition to the services listed above, the Client will also be entitled to other services that he may purchase from the Company from time to time, as needed, for an additional payment that the Client shall pay to the Company.
The Company will have the right to provide the Client with the additional services by itself and/or through its employees and/or through anyone on its behalf.
Failure to pay for the additional services shall be deemed as failure to pay for the membership.
The Company may change the tariff of the additional services by notifying the Client 30 days in advance.
For the membership and the use of equipment and/or furniture and/or for the right to use the Company's services, the Client shall pay the Company the membership fee, as defined in the Agreement and in accordance with these Terms of Agreement, no later than every 1st day of a month, by means of a credit card.
The Client shall provide the Company with his credit card details and the Company shall charge the Client’s card every month for the monthly membership and additional services that were used during that month.
The Client shall make the payments in a timely and accurate manner and shall not cancel the means of payment provided by him to the Company; otherwise this will be regarded as a violation of these Terms of Agreement and shall lead to an immediate cessation of his membership.
The Client’s obligations:
The Client undertakes to pay membership fee and/or for additional services and/or compensate and indemnify the Company immediately for any damage caused to it and/or its property and/or equipment and/or building by the Client and/or his employees and/or his visitors and/or those who come on his behalf or to him.
The Client undertakes not to refurbish and/or repair and/or install and/or alter and/or damage the walls and/or floors and/or doors and/or windows and/or any equipment and/or furniture of the Company and/or hang signs in the property without its prior written consent.
The Client undertakes to use the property and furniture and equipment in it in good faith, with caution, protect it, and keep quiet in the building and on the floor and without disturbing the Company’s other tenants, and treat them with respect.
The Client undertakes to take care of his equipment in the property, and the Company will bear no responsibility for the equipment of the Client or his representatives, or his visitors, and it is his sole responsibility.
The Client’s obligations in respect of these Terms of Agreement shall apply to the Client himself and to his employees, and/or his suppliers, and/or his clients, and anyone who comes to the property on his behalf and/or to him.
The Client shall comply with the rules of conduct of the Company and of the building, in accordance with the rules published on the Company’s website and/or of which the Company will inform from time to time, and in accordance with the 'Nitsba Tower Regulations’ attached to these Terms of Agreement as an Annex, and which constitute an integral part thereof.
General rules:
The Client knows that the Company is renting the property and that it is bound by the lease agreement and its terms, and in the event of any claim and/or demand and/or suit that the Client may have in connection with the Agreement under these Terms of Agreement, the Client undertakes to refer it solely to the Company, and not to the lesser and/or the owner of the building.
The operating hours of the building and the property, and the operating hours of the services the Company provides to its clients, as well as air conditioning will be in accordance with the Company's notice to the Client. These hours may be changed from time to time, in accordance with the building management company’s instructions and/or at the Company's discretion and by advance notice to the Company's clients.
In the event of a power and/or communication and/or Internet failure and/or any other matter arising from the fault related to the building and/or its surroundings and not under the responsibility of the Company, the Company shall do everything in its power to expedite the elimination of the malfunction, but the Client shall have no demand and/or claim for compensation and/or any other matter arising therefrom.
Any fault arising from the Company's liability shall be dealt with by the Company as soon as possible and within a reasonable time according to the nature and limitations of the fault. As long as the Company does everything in its power to deal with the fault and repair it, the Client shall have no claim and/or demand against the Company in this matter.
The Client undertakes to insure and/or back up and/or store any information and/or electronic content or which is in computer or Internet communications and shall be solely responsible for any malfunction and/or loss of information and/or damage to equipment and/or any other matter relating thereto even if these occur as a result of malfunction that originates in the building and/or the property and/or on the Internet or in the Company’s infrastructure, and the Client undertakes to ensure the security of its own information and is responsible for it.
In the event that a few people who do not constitute a partnership and/or company will be interested in renting one premise and share expenses, the Company will see them as responsible for all the obligations, together and separately.
The Client knows and agrees that the entire space of the property is monitored by security cameras for the personal safety of the occupants and the visitors to the place, and that he has and will have no claim and/or demand in this matter, and he declares that he and/or his visitors or representatives have no expectation of privacy in connection with his presence in the leased property.
The Client agrees and authorizes the Company to use his name and/or the name of the Company and his/its logo to announce on the website and/or anywhere else that he is a Client of the Company.
Dispute resolution and compensation for violations:
Fundamental violation of these Terms of Agreement – a delay of over 7 days in a payment, which the Client is obliged to pay; the Client’s refusal to indemnify and/or compensate the Company for any damage under the terms of these Terms of Agreement; misconduct in the space and/or the property and/or the building of the Client and/or his representatives, which was not immediately rectified by the Lessee after the Company's first warning; violation of one or more provisions of the Nitsba Tower Regulations that annex to these Terms of agreement document and constitute an integral part thereof.
If the Client has committed a fundamental violation of these Terms of Agreement, the Company shall be entitled to cancel the Agreement immediately and demand thatthe Client vacates the space and the property within 7 days, and in the event the Company believes that the Lessee's conduct is prejudicial to the other lessees of the space and/or the property and/or the building, the Company may demand the evacuation of the Lessee within 24 hours.
In addition, the Company may demand immediate payment of all amounts due from the Client for the membership fee until the end of that month and/or for additional services, and/or to compensate and indemnify the Company for any damage caused to it, and/or to its property, and/or to its equipment, and/or to the property of the building by the Client and/or his employees and/or visitors and/or those who come on his behalf. The payment will be collected by the company from the credit card, the details of which were provided to the Company for the purpose of collecting payments due to the Company from the Client.
These Terms of Agreement will be governed by Israeli law.
Arbitration - Any dispute between the parties associated with these Terms of Agreement shall be resolved by a single arbitrator, agreed upon by the parties. In the absence of agreement within 7 days of one of the parties addressing the other party, the party seeking to ascertain its arguments before an arbitrator, will appeal to the Tel Aviv District Court and ask it to appoint an arbitrator to settle the dispute between the parties. The arbitration shall be governed by the Arbitration Law, the arbitrator shall be subject to the substantive law, shall keep a record of the proceedings, give arguments for his decision, but shall not be bound by the laws and rules of evidence. The parties shall have the right to appeal the arbitrator's decision, in accordance with the Arbitration Law, to the Tel Aviv District Court. This paragraph shall be deemed an arbitration agreement between the parties. The parties shall bear the arbitrator’s expenses and fees in equal shares between them.
These Terms of Agreement drafted in masculine for convenience only and apply to both women and men.
For the purposes of these Terms of Agreement: the Company's address is the address of the property, and the Customer's address is specified in the Agreement, and any notice related to these Terms of Agreement will be sent by the parties to the specified address.
Any agreement and / or amendment and / or alteration of both the Agreement and these Terms of Agreement shall be made in writing and valid only after it signed by both parties, otherwise the aforementioned amendment and / or alteration will not be binding upon the parties.

      Annex - Nitsba Tower Regulations

The adherence to the rules and instructions contained in this statute is an essential condition of the rental Agreement between the Client and the Company and shall apply to the Lessee and/or his employees and/or those who represent and/or visit him.
The Lessee shall refrain from action or negligence which may in one form or another cause:
Damage, loss or detriment to the property, including the interior and exterior areas of the building.
Risk of harm to the body and/or property of any person renting and/or using the building, including - but not limited to - any employee, vendor, invited visitor or customer from the general public.
A nuisance or disturbance of any kind, including - but not limited to - making noise or perform any act that may disturb the tenants and other business people in the building.
Smoking in the public areas of the building.
Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the Client shall avoid causing undue noise and/or odors when using the leased property and shall not allow such noise and/or odor to exit the area of the property.
If the Client fails to comply with the Company's and/or management company's requirements, one of them shall have the authority to end or remove the hindrance and/or nuisance in the manner which they deem helpful, and to this end enter the leased property and act as required, and the Client shall have no claim in this regard.
The Client undertakes to maintain the leased property throughout the membership period. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the Client undertakes as follows:
Use the leased property and its systems with extreme caution, not to overload its floors beyond the allowed limitations.
Maintain cleanliness of the area surrounding the property, including public areas and conduct his business exclusively within the area of the property.
Not to put scrap, crates, belongings, movables, waste and/or obstacles outside of the property, including in the service corridors, and not to cause any annoyance, discomfort, noise, contaminating or unpleasant odors to visitors and/or employees and/or other leaseholders in the building.
The Client undertakes not to disturb or damage the good order, cleanliness and good neighborly relations in the building.
The Client shall be liable for any damages and any penalties imposed by the authorities, if any, for breach of the provisions of this paragraph and/or violation of any law against the Company and/or the management company and/or the building owner.
In order to access the leased property the Client undertakes to use only permanent and designated approaches as determined by the building owner and/or the management company.
The Client undertakes to park all vehicles and means of conveyance only in designated locations, as will be determined by the building owner and/or the management company from time to time, with regard to access to the property and its surroundings.
The company and/or the building owner and/or the management company and/or their representatives acting in their name or on their behalf have the authority, without prior warning, to remove any object, tool, equipment or any other thing found outside the property, and which they believe to be a nuisance, and charge the Client for expenses incurred in clearing the nuisance.
The Client shall avoid the destruction of damaged goods, waste, or an object of any kind by way of a making a fire in or near the building.
The Client shall dispose of waste or garbage solely according to the garbage disposal method used in the building, and which will be published in accordance with current instructions.

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