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About the company

אודות החברה

Vision and mission

Founded in 2017, the SOK Smart Office network has been expanding rapidly, mainly in Russia and abroad. In Russia, SOK manages nine office and coworking complexes with a total of about 50,000 square meters in strategic commercial locations. The first complex launched outside the borders of Russia is in Israel. Soon, we will launch two other complexes in Israel.

The vision of the global SOK network is to create professional workspaces in strategic business locations that offer a holistic solution to the diverse needs of the companies hosted in the network's worldwide premises.
As an international network that hosts hundreds of leading companies, our mission is to provide intelligently designed work environments that help companies and organizations achieve their business goals while creating a balance between work and recreation that enhances employee motivation and productivity.
The network goes to great lengths to maximize the administrative resources of the companies we host and to provide organizations with the flexibility they need to grow and thrive. We strive to deliver the highest levels of professionalism and safety for the community and the environment.



הערכים של SOK


We track the latest innovations and developments in the office sector and cherry-pick the best ideas to improve our service and your work environment experience.

Daring​​ & Ambitious

As a fast-growing company, we’re well aware of the kinds of challenges facing companies like yours. We aim high and implement ground-breaking initiatives.


We’re business-friendly. Just ask our community, customers, and suppliers worldwide. From our white glove service to being kind to the environment through the use of ecologically-friendly materials that meet American standards.


We never lose sight that we operate in a highly competitive market. This obliges us to maintain our uniqueness in every department to keep our customers' promises.


בעלי החברה

היזם, איגור ריבקוב

איגור ריבקוב, תעשיין, יזם טכנולוגי, פילנטרופ, מחבר ספרים, שחקן קולנוע, וזמר.
מספר 70 בפורבס - 200 אנשי עסקים עשירים ברוסיה, הונו נאמד בכ-2.0 מיליארד דולר (שווי נטו בשנת 2020).
ריבקוב פעיל בעוד מספר פרויקטים בישראל, באמצעות קרן ההון סיכון Prytek. החל מ־2018 משמש ריבקוב כשותף בפרייטק, שהחלה את דרכה כמיזם ישראלי לקידום טכנולוגיה מקומית מחוץ לגבולות רוסיה. לקרן גם זרוע פינטק בשם GFS שהשקיעה בין היתר בפייבוקס, איזי בוב וטיפרנקס הישראליות. 

התחום הבא בו יפעל ריבקוב בישראל הוא ה-EduTech.

היזם איגור ריבקוב

שותף- מנהל, איריק אליארוב

שותף מנהל ומשקיע ברשת SOK SMART Office.  יועץ ניהול הנכסים של איגור ריבקוב. איריק מאתר טכנולוגיות ומגמות חדשניות ומשלב אותן בשוק חללי עבודה משותפים. כמו כן, מנהל פרויקטים מוצלחים נוספים המשנים את התפיסה שלנו לגבי איך ייראה שוק הנדל"ן המסחרי של המחר.


The Owners

Igor Rivkov - Developer

היזם איגור ריבקוב

Igor Rivkov is an industrialist, tech entrepreneur, philanthropist, book author, film actor, and singer. He ranks 70th in Forbes - 200 Richest Businessmen in Russia, with a personal fortune estimated at two billion dollars (net worth in 2020). Rivkov is active in several other projects in Israel through the Prytek venture capital fund. Since 2018, Rivkov has served as a partner in Prytek, which began as an Israeli venture to promote local technology outside the borders of Russia. The fund also has a fintech arm called GFS, which has invested in, among others, the Israeli Paybox, EZBob, and TipRanks. Rivkov’s next venture in Israel will be in the field of EduTech.


Irek Allyarov, Managing partner

Irek Allyarov is managing partner and investor in the SOK Smart Office network and Igor Rivkov's asset management advisor. Irek is responsible for identifying innovative technologies and trends and integrating them into the coworking space market. He also manages other successful projects changing our perception of tomorrow's commercial real estate market.

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